Gallery Talk with Adam Parker Smith and Extended Hours!

The UWM Union Art Gallery will have extended hours today going until 7pm! Also, Adam Parker Smith will be giving a gallery talk at 4pm about his work. Don’t miss it!

Here is Adam Parker Smith’s artist statement:

Constructing the aftermath of invented ceremonies and transcendental
experiences from materials mined from vernacular culture, hardware
stores and inherited collections of fabrics, I mimic the human
endeavor to understand the universe through a bizarre confluence of
real events, daydreams and preexisting fables. Through this
combination, I establish psychological sites for disparate elements to
congregate in environments that are simultaneously haunting, familiar
and alien. These tragicomic installations are private, uncensored,
darkly humored and most often involve the direct participation of the
viewer. They are populated by subjects pulled from the fertile
environment of my fears and longings, polluted with filth, obsessions,
crushes, jealousy and grace. With no attempt to disguise the material
makeup, my methods of construction parallel the imperfections, flaws
and vulnerability reveled in the subject’s characters. As guilt,
fascination and loyalty encroach, flawless heroines confront heart
ache, fools distinguish beauty from the grotesque, and the wretched
mourn the loss of irreproachable purity.


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