Kate Brandt Pink – Opening Reception Tomorrow at 5pm!

March 5 – April 2
Opening Reception: Friday, March 5, 5-8pm
Panel Discussion with Kate Brandt, Jennifer Johung, Heather Warren-Crow: Friday, March 12th, 5pm

In 1960, neo-Dada artist Yves Klein made a splash at an exhibition by using nude female models as living paintbrushes, making work with his signature color, International Klein Blue. UWM artist Kate Brandt comments on, confronts, and even exorcises the ghost of this “legendary” artist with a group exhibition of visual performance artists all of whom use her self selected shade of pink. In their work, these contemporary artists address ideas of gender, power roles, race, fame, class issues and more in a variety of mediums, including live performances (at the opening reception), photography, sculpture, video, and painting.

Artists include: Kate Gilmore, Ryan Trecartin, Franko B, Stuart Semple, Heather Warren-Crow, Kate Brandt, Kimberly Brandt, Cassandra Smith, A. Bill Miller, Emily Walley, Kristen Olsen, Naomi Shersty, Sarah Holden, Anna Helgeson, Richard Mutz, and many others.

***Heather Warren-Crow invites viewers to participate in her work by documenting her opening night performance using cell phone cameras. Please make her dream come true by posting a short video to YouTube and emailing the link to agallery@uwm.edu

Your video will become part of a playlist that will be exhibited at the Union Art Gallery.


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