Black Rock Collective 101 Show Opening Tonight! 5 – 8 pm

Come join us at our first opening of the semester for artwork by the Black Rock Collective and music by Kid Cut Up.

The Black Rock Collective 101

August 30 – September 17

Opening Reception: Friday, September 3, 2010, 5-7 pm

The Black Rock Collective is an international group of artists with varying backgrounds and styles.  The collective is made up of the original artists and designers for the popular website, an online design community.  BRC-101 features work of 20 members, exploring the history of the Black Rock Collective.

Artists include: Jan Avendano (Toronto, Canada), Zeptonn Groningen (Netherlands), Julia Heglund (Madison, WI), Aaron Hogg (New Zealand), Manos Lakoutsis (Greece), Steve Lefcourt (Vermont), MAKI (Netherlands), Lee Norris (OH), Adrienne Pitts (London, England), Blair Sayer (Australia), Alex Solis (Milwaukee, WI), Jared Stumpenhorst (Chicago, IL), Chris Thornley (Manchester, UK), Philip Tseng (San Diego, CA), Andy Walker (New York, NY), Craig Watkins (CA), Joe Van Wetering (Chicago, IL), Justin White (CA), Priscilla Wilson (San Luis Obispo, CA), and Ross Zietz (Chicago. IL).


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