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UWM Print Club – In the Atrium

This is a collection of prints from Print Club here at UWM. The techniques used include screenprinting, intaglio, lithography, digital printmaking, and photography. Print Club is a student organization that participates in exhibitions, conferences, and zine festivals. We create collaborative zines and work on other projects dealing with printed matter. If you are interested in our organization, please email

Artists include:

Thom Romero
Allison Lindner
Shannon Connor
Andrea Lutz
Anna Krajcik
Katie Belanger
Jessica Bublitz
Jesse Graves


OPS – UWM Painting in the Atrium

OPS (Orginization of Painting Students) has some spectacular work up in the UWM Union Atrium.  Humorous, serious, vibrant, and dynamic images inhabit the space for a couple more weeks. Remember to visit this group show of great painters!




Engineers without Borders in the Atrium

There is a wonderful series of photographs in the Atrium documenting a project by the UW-Milwaukee student organization Engineers without Borders.  The  group helped construct a Potable Water Distribution and Sanitation System in Guatemala.  The work will be up until October 15th.

Below are some more images of the project as well as a written statement about it.

“The Republic of Guatemala is a land of arresting beauty bestowed with rich
natural resources and an economy reliant on the yield of a terrestrial bounty
that includes desirous reserves of petroleum, timber, nickel, and gold. Home
to pioneering Mayan civilizations and a linguistic diversity boasting over
twenty-three Mayan dialects, Guatemala’s culture and founding history are as
equally complex as its more contemporary history: a thirty-six year-long civil
war has plagued its large countryside populations with a poverty obscenely
disproportionate to its earthly riches.

Engineers Without Borders partners with developing communities to implement
sustainable engineering technologies to improve their quality of life. On January
9-22, 2010, eight students and two professional mentors from the University of
Wisconsin-Milwaukee student chapter travelled to the northwestern highlands of
Guatemala to implement a Potable Water Distribution System in the village of La
Libertad. As a result, over 330 people in the village have access to clean water.

The photographs aim to capture a glimpse of the vivacious La Libertad
community and the partnership between the village and UWM students.

Photography by Alana M. Soehartono

Engineers Without Borders at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: http://”

RAINN in the Atrium

“RAINN Day is RAINN’s annual campaign to raise awareness and fight against sexual violence on college campuses.” In the atrium are many umbrellas artfully decorated by students.  Besure to stop by look at the artwork, read the literature, and think about how you can prevent sexual violence.

ROLLINKUNZ! In the Atrium

Rollin Kunz is a drawer, digital manipulator, game maker and more.  His electrifying colors, detailed lines, and wild imagination will be up in the atrium until September 17th so make sure to visit!  Check out his website for more images than you can handle at

In the Atrium – Leeann Wacker

For the next couple of weeks we have several beautiful artworks by Leeann Wacker including paintings and an interactive piece.  You’ve got to see this show, but in case you’re already on summer vacation in the Galapagos Islands here are some photos of the show:

In The Atrium – Synthesized Meaning: Hyperreality

In the atrium we have a show from one of UWM’s Digital Art class curated by Amelia Hernandez.  Here are some samples from the show, be sure to check it out!

Atrium – Humboldt Park School: Decline of the Honeybee | Environmental Impact

This collaborative work was created by students from Humboldt Park School as a part of RedLine Milwaukee’s Published Program. Students studying the environmental and social impact of the disappearance of the honey bee, visited Growing Power and RedLine over 5 field trips themed on this topic. During four visits to RedLine they created this silkscreen multi media piece to reinforce the schools curriculum and raise social awareness of the mysterious affliction of Colony Collapse Disorder.

Help the Honey Bee | Seed Pouches:

You can help fight the decline of the honey bee by taking one of the seed packets in the atrium to plant were you live. By providing wild flowers for bees, you can help insure their survival.

Collective Memory – Atrium Space

The current Atrium show in the UW-Milwaukee Union will be up for only a couple more days so if you haven’t seen some of this awesome student work yet be sure to stop through.  A description of the work is below and beyond that is a portion of the work in the show:

The works reference mass media visual culture in the manner of contemporary painter Johannes Kahrs: the students were to appropriate from any form of televisual, be it movies, television shows, videos, etc.  They then had to remove the original context and supply a new one by combining these varying images.  They also had to share their televisual pictures through my Classroom without Walls wiki, doubling the theme of ecology and collective constructs.  Issues dealt with also involve Roland Barthes’ essay on the Death of the Author, whereby the original intentions of the depicted films or shows were reinterpreted and recontextualized. A full project description is posted on the Atrium Space’s walls.

Atrium Show – STROKE

There is a new show up in the Atrium space which will be going on for the next couple of weeks.  Be sure to check out the work and see what some of UWM’s Drawing/Painting majors have been up to.  Information on STROKE (UWM’s Drawing and Painting Club) is listed below.

Paul Gillick

Nick Hartley

Leeann Wacker

Ryan Woolgar

A UW-Milwaukee organization open to UWM students. We are bringing together various artistic voices to celebrate connection and diversity. To support and encourage artistic expression that leads to confidence and professionalism in the artist’s chosen discipline, and exploring different aspects of community and what that means for practicing artists.

For more information contact us:
Nick Naber:
Nick Hoffman:
Miranda Petroviak: