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OPS – UWM Painting in the Atrium

OPS (Orginization of Painting Students) has some spectacular work up in the UWM Union Atrium.  Humorous, serious, vibrant, and dynamic images inhabit the space for a couple more weeks. Remember to visit this group show of great painters!





ROLLINKUNZ! In the Atrium

Rollin Kunz is a drawer, digital manipulator, game maker and more.  His electrifying colors, detailed lines, and wild imagination will be up in the atrium until September 17th so make sure to visit!  Check out his website for more images than you can handle at

Atrium – Humboldt Park School: Decline of the Honeybee | Environmental Impact

This collaborative work was created by students from Humboldt Park School as a part of RedLine Milwaukee’s Published Program. Students studying the environmental and social impact of the disappearance of the honey bee, visited Growing Power and RedLine over 5 field trips themed on this topic. During four visits to RedLine they created this silkscreen multi media piece to reinforce the schools curriculum and raise social awareness of the mysterious affliction of Colony Collapse Disorder.

Help the Honey Bee | Seed Pouches:

You can help fight the decline of the honey bee by taking one of the seed packets in the atrium to plant were you live. By providing wild flowers for bees, you can help insure their survival.

Collective Memory – Atrium Space

The current Atrium show in the UW-Milwaukee Union will be up for only a couple more days so if you haven’t seen some of this awesome student work yet be sure to stop through.  A description of the work is below and beyond that is a portion of the work in the show:

The works reference mass media visual culture in the manner of contemporary painter Johannes Kahrs: the students were to appropriate from any form of televisual, be it movies, television shows, videos, etc.  They then had to remove the original context and supply a new one by combining these varying images.  They also had to share their televisual pictures through my Classroom without Walls wiki, doubling the theme of ecology and collective constructs.  Issues dealt with also involve Roland Barthes’ essay on the Death of the Author, whereby the original intentions of the depicted films or shows were reinterpreted and recontextualized. A full project description is posted on the Atrium Space’s walls.

Atrium – Jason Lanka

Jason Lanka’s massive drawings and photos are now on display in the Atrium space in the Union.  They will be up for several weeks.  Here are some images of his work and some information about his work.

Boundary; something that marks or fixes a limit (as of territory). The line that divides one area of land from another.

The space at which our culture comes in contact with the environment inspires my creative work. Much can be understood about the nature of how our society defines its role and place within the natural world by the observation of this boundary.
I seek to address the demarcation of our species’ relationship with the land. Am I of the land or in the land? Each piece made within a lineage of exploration has set out to answer this question. Our identity as people and a nation are so often defined by our place within our environment and how we view our relationship with the natural world.

Benito Tyjeski – Atrium Exhibit

For our final Atrium Show of the semester we have work by Benito Tyjeski.  Below are some photos of the exhibit, but seeing it in person is a whole lot better, so check it out!

Focus – New Atrium Show

This Atrium Show will be up until the 11th of December.  The works is by students of the photography group Focus.  Below is a sample of the show which is located here.

New Atrium Show – Francesca Cozzone

A new show is up in the Atrium for a couple weeks featuring some of Drawing and Painting major Francesca Cozzone’s most recent work.  Here are a several samples of her work, of course not as good as the real thing.  Go check it out!









Atrium – Clark Stamm

Clark Stamm is a Milwaukee based artist whose drawings and paintings are inherently stunning in color, form, and craft. A selection of his works are currently being shown in the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Union Atrium space. His work will be up until the 30th of october. Here is a sample of the work on display: