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Engineers without Borders in the Atrium

There is a wonderful series of photographs in the Atrium documenting a project by the UW-Milwaukee student organization Engineers without Borders.  The  group helped construct a Potable Water Distribution and Sanitation System in Guatemala.  The work will be up until October 15th.

Below are some more images of the project as well as a written statement about it.

“The Republic of Guatemala is a land of arresting beauty bestowed with rich
natural resources and an economy reliant on the yield of a terrestrial bounty
that includes desirous reserves of petroleum, timber, nickel, and gold. Home
to pioneering Mayan civilizations and a linguistic diversity boasting over
twenty-three Mayan dialects, Guatemala’s culture and founding history are as
equally complex as its more contemporary history: a thirty-six year-long civil
war has plagued its large countryside populations with a poverty obscenely
disproportionate to its earthly riches.

Engineers Without Borders partners with developing communities to implement
sustainable engineering technologies to improve their quality of life. On January
9-22, 2010, eight students and two professional mentors from the University of
Wisconsin-Milwaukee student chapter travelled to the northwestern highlands of
Guatemala to implement a Potable Water Distribution System in the village of La
Libertad. As a result, over 330 people in the village have access to clean water.

The photographs aim to capture a glimpse of the vivacious La Libertad
community and the partnership between the village and UWM students.

Photography by Alana M. Soehartono

Engineers Without Borders at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: http://”